Legends  of Adventure

    Legends of Adventure is a cooperative fantasy board game that utilizes both the strategy of card play and the luck of dice.  All of the players are trying to cooperatively complete 10 adventures in order to become Legends.  In order to do so players must work together to defeat monsters along the way.
    Designed by a Montessori teacher, Legends of Adventure is a game that promotes colloboration, discussion and problem solving.  The game will never play the same way twice so players always get a new experience.   

Work together, defeat monsters and become 
Legends of Adventure


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How to play tutorial video.
Treasure Cards Explained
A short video to help explain the treasure cards.  
Join us 
We are a very small group of people who love gaming and wanted to make one of our own.  We really appreciate all your support.  Please email us if you have any questions.  staff@legendsofadventuregame.com